Hi family,

Tomorrow morning at 6:20 am, my hubby and I are flying to Texas, to see the kids and grandkids.
I am so excited. We will fly to Houston, stay there until tuesday, go to Dallas from there and fly back from Dallas next saturday. One daughter lives in Houston ( Lake Jackson) and the other daughter lives in Dallas. Each daughter has two children, 5 and 11, 7 and 9 years old. The kids are getting so excited.
When we are in Houston, we will go to Galveston and in Dallas we will go to the State Fair.
I have already had one week of vacation, this week, I am well rested.
I have been without the MTX for weeks now and pain is here one day and better the next and back with avengens the next. I am not allowed to take alot of meds right now, because of my liver, it's being a little bully. The meds I am allowed to take, in moderation are, Flexeril, Mobic and of course my best friend Ambien.
Cross your fingers, that the pain is in the moderate range and that my liver stops bullying me. There is some pain in the liver area.
I hope it is not to hot in Texas.
Well, I will "see" all of you, after I get back.

Lots of love