Hey everyone, not been on here for a while cause I've been managing my lupus quite well, but today I had such a bad experience I just needed people to talk to

Quick summary, I'm 22, have relatively mild lupus, got diagnosed when i was 18.

Anyway, 3 days ago I was out for my birthday and I was in a nightclub, and I got really short of breath, had to leave the club because I physically couldn't breathe and thought I was about to faint.

So, 3 days later and I'm still getting these chest pains, and on top of not being able to breath properly, I now have a sore throat and a pain in my shoulders and neck, along with getting a fever. So I went to an NHS walk-in centre, and ended up waiting 2 hours to see a nurse... I told her my symptoms and she replied 'You're not having trouble breathing because you can talk' I was like yes I can't talk but I've been in discomfort for 3 days, and now I'm getting worse. Told her I had lupus etc etc. She then shoved a stethoscope on ym chest again and said she couldn't see anything wrong, and told me to take Lemsip (like cold/flu remedy).. and to rest for a few days.

Obviously she was completely fobbing me off, but I was so humiliated by it that I'm too embarrassed to go to anyone else, but at the same time, I'm having problems with my chest and I'm worried if it gets worse it'll set my lupus off and I'll be very ill. I have had issues with my chest before and every time I get told theres nothing wrong, but there is, because I can't breathe like I normally do.. So I'm just a bit stuck, looking for some help lol!!