Ok I had my second Rhuemy appointment. Was suppose to be at the doctors office at 9 am Monday. So got up and was there by 8 30 little up set my husband couldn't go but deal with it. When I arrived at the office the lady behind the desk ask me if I had my blood work done, my reply was yes all 13 test completed. She then states that she can not find them. I explained to her about where I had them completed at, and she says she will call and have them faxed over so that the dr can go over them with me. I am thinking great at this point. So I sit and wait to be called back, I wait 3 hours to be called back. There's was only 2 other people in the office waiting and they came in after I did. Now I don't mind waiting but 3 hours, come on what could be going on that took so long. Finally I get called back, the nurse does my vitals and puts me in a room, ok we are getting somewhere. Explain to the nurse about what has been going on since the last time I was there, she comments that the doctor will want to talk to me about that. So we wait on the dr. I sit there so long that I fall asleep. around 2 pm the dr sticks his head in the room and says your blood work was fine see you in 6 months. the nurse will have your appointment time for you please pay at the desk on your way out. (((((WHAT))))You have got to be kidding, that was it. I was so mad and upset I just walked out. I called my husband at work and explained to him what happen, he was so upset. We have been waiting to see a rhuemy since 2008 and this is what I get.

So I calm down and think what can I do or what do I need to do about this, First I had so much that I wanted to talk to him about, I have several issues that I felt needed to be addressed, so I decided to go to the doctor that refereed me to him. I can walk in their office and be seen in an hour most of the time. So when I was able to explain to the dr that refereed me, he was shocked. He was the one that diagnosed me with lupus and he was also the one who help complete the blood work that the rhuemy did. Like he said how can he say the blood work was fine. I had a test done to see about my joints swelling, well according to the dr a range from 1 to 20 is good but my level was 74((((((((HMMMMM)))))) how is that good when I am way over what is normal. I also have a positive ana test. and several other te4st that were not normal. The dr I went back to, to find out what to do about the rhuemy dr says that he is going to call him to see what the deal is. He says that the rhuemy dr needs to do something. So here I am sitting and waiting to see what is going to happen. When all along I am still hurting my joints are swelled up so bad that I can't use my hands most mornings and I swear I think my hair is now hurting. Call me crazy I don't know what to do. I am having to pay all my health care out of pocket so going to another rhuemy at this point is impossible. I just paid this jerk 400.00 and for what?????

Hoping to get some answers soon, before I really do go crazy.