Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been on much in the last month, I’m going through a frustrating stage and I’m struggling to keep up with work, doctors and family ! So I thought I give you guys a quick update! My lovely specialist student! *arrrg don’t even get me started on how I got stuck with her* is telling me that Lupus is just an auto immune disease and that I don’t suffer flare ups………………… She says when my joints are swollen or my body aches it’s not lupus and that all that lupus is an auto deficient in my immune system that wouldn’t affect me physically and that I associate my problems to lupus (headaches/ being tired & etc…) too much and have to start addressing the real issue is myself as it’s in my head! So as you can tell I’m beyond frustrated and pissed off……………
As For work no sick days for 2 months yipppeee aside from 1 last week =( and well family is family haha

I will post another update soon!!! Miss you guys!!! Hope all is well!!!