I asked this question on another site and am interested in what you all have to say. I have many symptoms that point toward Lupus. My medical doctor did not know what the rash on my hands indicated. I live in Alaska and do not have access to a variety of good medical physicians. I had another flare up while visiting KC and the doctor I went to sent me to a specialist in rheumatology. After hearing my symptoms and health history as well as viewing pictures of the various rashes that I had recently developed, the doctor said that she felt that it was Lupus and ordered a bunch of lab tests. She then put me on plaquenil and prednisone. (I had been given a two week supply of prednisone with the first doctor and it seemed to be helping clear up the rash. She felt that my symptoms indicated Lupus and that I should start taking these meds before the lab results came back, which I did. The problem is that the lab results were negative. She felt that the prednisone had skewed the lab reports and that the symptoms themselves warranted me taking the plaque nil until I could get into see a specialist in my area. I can not get in until December 2. Is this a normal thing to do? I have had a baseline check of my vision per her indication that plaq caused eye problems. I have recently had the worst period cramping of my life and the rash came back. Can anyone give any advice on all of this please. I don't know if I should be taking this or not and don't really want to stop it if I do have Lupus. The doctor said that she felt a future ANA test would come back positive and this was the best way to deal with the symptoms. Any insight is welcome. Thanks Deb