The new pain management doctor really listened to what was going on. From looking at my original blood work he had no issue agreeing with the original Lupus diagnosis. I mentioned my frustration that every time I went to the rheumy that she seemed to change her diagnosis and now she acts like I am not sick at all. He was able to offer me some comfort and made this comment:

"I think rheumatologists have a very difficult job because they never have confirmed answers to their diagnosis." He also said that he thinks they don't know how to recognize pain in people. Some people look really sick so they don't have a problem diagnosing them but those of us who don't look to be in pain must not be sick.

I see what he is saying but I think it all goes back to listening to your patient. He is starting me on Lyrica and suggested I stay on the meds the rheumy gave me. He promised to help keep the pain under control.

Now for the next question, how do I find a rheumatologist that won't change their diagnosis every time I walk i the door. I thought I found it in this rheumy but I guess not. The Plaquenil was working although it does cause stomach issues. She said she would leave me on it but she didn't think being on it for 4 months was long enough to tell if it was really working. Another words, if I am feeling better it is not the meds but you are not sick.

Can you still I am still really frustrated?