Good morning everyone! I went to the 11th annual Lupus Symposioum and the guest speaker was Christine Miserandino author of The spoon theory What a great and ispirational woman she is!!! Im so glad I got a chance to hear her share her personal story with us and give us such inspiration and hope. I imagine how difficult it is for someone to share such personal things with strangers. My goodness she has been through sooooo much and yet she still has a smile in her face and thinks so positive. My husband and I both had tears in our eyes from hearing her story.
I got to meet so many others going through what we're all going through. In a way it was so sad to see so many of us gathered in one place, knowing were all suffering from this horrible incurable decease, on the other hand it was nice to personally make connections with others who really understand what one is going through. it was my first symposium but definetely not my last!