Dear Friends:

I am so sorry I have not been on in a while. I think I got really discouraged at my last doctor's visit and for some reason coming on to this site made me realize how irritated I am with my rheumatologist.

If you remember, the first time she was leaning strongly toward Lupus and started me on Plaquenil. After three months I began to feel much better but still continued with some joint pain. The second visit she told me where I was hurting was not my joints. (whatever) A few weeks ago I had a horrible looking rash develop on my ankle along with severe swelling. Part of the swelling had to do with a leg injury I had sustained but not the rash. I called and they said come right in. I spent quite a bit of time in the waiting room and when I went back she came in looked and said it is nothing. She then said it had something to do with capillaries and that it was common. If it is common then why did her nurse, go oh man, you really have a rash. Anyway, she even put "It is nothing" on my check out sheet. Then, she said that the less symptoms a person shows the less chance they are sick. Why is it she won't give credit that I feel much better on the Plaquenil?

I guess I just needed to vent or something. For those of you in the Houston area, I really need someone who listens to me. Almost all of my pain is below the waist and occasionally the shoulder and or neck. My legs hurt almost 24 hours a day now and even pain meds don't touch it. I still work and carry on but I wonder if it will continue to get worse to where I can't handle it. I have been told by my OB-Gyn that I have a high tollerance for pain and I wonder if that helps. Alot of the pain is now in the muscle too.

Well, I better sign off now that I have vented!!!