Hi everyone, I'm new and in the process of trying to work out what's going on with me. I'll try keep this as brief as possible.

I'm 21 years old. My main symptoms are joint pain, a bit of swelling, stiffness. Nose ulcers. Vascular rash (petechiae). Fatigue. Dry eyes and mouth. Raynaud's. I also have asthma, hypermobile joint syndrome and Celiac Disease.

These symptoms started about 11 months ago, but before than I had episodes of fatigue and joint and muscle pain.

I was seeing my GP who was a little confused by my symptoms but just gave me Naproxen and ordered blood tests. ANA- 1:80. ESR- slightly elevated. CRP, anti-CCP, rheumatoid factor, ferretin, CBC- normal. Repeated a few months later. ANA- 1:160. ESR, CRP, CBC- normal.

Then my joints flared up big time and I was really sick. I went back to my GP who freaked out. Gave me Prednisone (20mg a week, dropping by 5mg a week) and sent me to a rheumatologist (1). I eventually got to see the rheumy and I was on 5mg of Pred. at the time. She dismissed my symptoms and said it was 'emotional' and 'twisted ankles'. She ordered lots of blood tests, but nothing showed, ANA was negative, ESR 18 (0-18) anti-dsDNA and all those were negative. I got sent to a physio. Physio sent me back because I have fluid under my knee caps. I got to see a new rheumatologist (2) (but had to pay to go privately). She dismissed me as Fibromyalgia, but wanted to order a bone scan but said it'd probably show nothing. I saw an ophthalmologist who confirmed dry eyes and said I definitely have 'some degree of Sjogren's and maybe RA'. I had the bone scan and found out this week that it showed uptake in my shoulders, wrists, fingers (DIP and MCP joints), hips and knees. The rheumatologist (2) rung me and said that it definitely shows arthritis and that she wants to start me on Plaquenil. I asked her if she could make a diagnosis and she said "not at this stage, but it's definitely a connective tissue disease, either Lupus or Sjogren's".

Today I saw a new rheumatologist (3) (complicated story). He said no it's not Lupus or Sjogren's because my ANA was negative (although I've read otherwise). He said he thought it was Psoriatic Arthritis because I have nail pitting, hip arthritis and the involvement of the DIP joints... But NO PSORIASIS... But then he said "well you're quite Fibromyalgia-ish" (I have no muscle pain, joint swelling, 8 tender points in my sore joints)! The rheumy (3) asked me if I'd like to continue seeing him or see rheumy 2. I said rheumy 2!

He gave me a script for Plaquenil. I'm taking two pills one day, one the next (I'm not sure what the dose it, I'm too lazy to get up and check haha). I've been really dizzy tonight (I took it with tea). Is that normal? I have low blood pressure too (rheumy 3 said "I wish my blood pressure was that low"). Also a bit of indigestion..

Also, my liver function test was 'high' last time. He didn't say what that meant but that I have to have it tested every 6 weeks. I don't drink alcohol. Any idea what this could mean?

I'm sorry this is so long, I tried to keep it as short as possible! I'm wondering if anyone's got any advice or can help me with my questions, especially the liver function one!!

Thank you!