I got a call at 1:05 this morning from my mother's neighbor. They were at the emergency room after mom called her. Mom was having major pain in her right side. Her blood pressure was also through the roof. I threw on clothes and flew out of here. They did a cat scan and told us she had cirrhosis but her gall bladder looked fine as well as her appendix. They gave her morphine and meds to lower her blood pressure and sent her home. She doesn't have a regular doctor as she is a royal pain in the neck to get her to take proper care of herself. I made her an appointment with my doctor this morning for 24 Oct. I tried to call her a couple times this morning but she didn't answer. She normally doesn't answer the phone but calls back when she darn well feels like it. So this afternoon I walked over to her house 2 blocks away. Her car was there, her house locked, tv on in the bedroom but no answer. I couldn't see anything through the windows. I called the police. They popped her door open and found her on the floor in the living room. She had fallen earlier this morning and couldn't get herself up. The medics were called and she was taken back to the hospital. She arrived there around 3 pm and I shortly thereafter. Husband left work early bless his heart so I waited for him to get home before heading to hospital. Several tests later, 4 bags of IV fluid later and morphine and they still don't know what is going on. They are admitting her tonight. Running more tests tomorrow. Possibly her gall bladder. Her white cells are elevated and there are some questionable spots on the head ct. I had not been asleep long last night when I got the call and didn't get home until 3:30 and didn't sleep much after that. I had a briefing this morning at 10 for a temp job I'll be working for 4 days. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement. Sitting under bad flourescent lights all afternoon and evening didn't help either. I'm off to bed shortly and with the help of 1/2 and Ambien, intend to sleep quite soundly. Tomorrow I'll go by her house and feed her pets then head to the hospital. Will keep you posted.