Has anyone ever noticed that at times it seems your body can tolerate some sunlight than at other times? Of course, in the summer it's strongest and in winter it's farther away...but physically, despite what season it is, have any of you noticed that there are times when it doesn't trigger anything and other times it does?

In the summer I really have to watch it. Even in the shade! If it's evening and it's shady I seem to be okay but any earlier in the day, it flips the switch. If the cloud cover is thick enough, I soak up the outdoor time, but... if it's summer I've noticed the cloud cover has to be thick.

I think the way it keeps me darting around like a vampire is getting to me. Does anyone know if those UV Golf umbrellas really work? It will probably get me stares but I really miss getting out more and I don't think I'd mind people wondering why I'm carrying an umbrella on a sunny day. Or... I guess I could get used to it.

I can't wear hats. They give me headaches and don't cover enough.