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    Default Well hellooooooo...

    Hi there!
    Okay, so I'm not sure if anybody noticed or not, but I've been kind of awol for a while.
    To be honest, I've been having a hard time, and dealing with a lot of stuff. It's also been really hard for me to post, for some reason.
    But, today I had my first rheumatology appointment.
    And subsequently, I got a diagnosis.

    And I figured, I should let you guys know.

    So, my diagnosis ISSSS... *Drumroll* ..... *dramatic silence*... *more silence* ... FIBROMYALGIA!!!
    *confetti falls from sky* *99 red balloons are dropped from on high*
    *Music plays and crowd goes wild*

    Okay, maybe not such an awesome announcement or response, but you get the point.
    Here's the sad part...I don't have Lupus And while i'm happy for my organs, i'm also sad, because... well... that means i'm not really a part of this forum.

    But you guys are great, and wonderful, and so understanding and sweet, so if you could find it in your hearts to accept a lost kitten into your wolf pack, I would be most grateful. ^^

    In all seriousness, I do understand if any moderators would prefer I wasn't, as it IS a Lupus forum after all.
    HOWEVER, I'll not take it lying down, and as such, I am willing to make the following adjustments:

    I would, from now onwards, refer to all moderators as His/Her Royal Highness. (HRH For short). Example: His Royal Highness Rob.
    Also, totally willing to negotiate shortening it to HRH, and also adding in King, Queen, Empress, etc as per person.
    I will change my signature so that it reads "Caution: I do NOT have Lupus, I only suffer from chronic awesomeness- I mean, Pain, and have Fibromyalgia).

    I'm also willing to stay a show poodle for eternity, even though I'm a cat person.

    And I'll also adjust to any other rules and regulations that you feel necessary, just as long as I get to stay on this here forum. ♥

    So if I could have a moderator message me with whatever their decision is, that would be wonderful. I promise if I have to leave, I won't kick and scream... much.

    Hope you are all well!!!
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    One day at a time, one breath at a time... We can get through this.

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