I had the stress test today that my cardiologist ordered to check out the PVCs I'm having all the time. He said that 2 minutes into it he spotted something. He didn't elaborate on what that "something" was, but I'm now scheduled for a myoview stress test with nuclear imaging the first week of October. Anyone else been through this and know what he might be looking for? He did mention checking to see if there are any possible blockages.

I have had a lot of problems with my blood pressure in the past 20 years. One time it's way high. Next time it's running pretty low. Today, before the stress test, it was elevated. Just last week at an appointment it was 107/68. It's been doing so well for the past year that I'm only on hydrochlorothyazide right now for the fluid I'm retaining.

Any insight into what he could be looking for would be appreciated.