I'm a newbie,

I was dx earlier this year with SLE. The past few months I have ahd a lot of pain in lower pelvic with abnormal bleeding(between irregular monthly cycles). I was first told it was stress. I had an US done and a 5cm cyst was found in ovary. I was told to wait and see by my primary. The bleeding is worse. My hormone tests come back normal, yet I have a mustache (darker than Justin Beavers') and other facial hair. I have lost alot of weight and I get this "lump in the throat feeling at times. (thyroid us normal). I also experience swollen lypmh nodes and I sometimes smell metal. ????

I recently saw an OB and he informed me that he was looking at cancer. Needless to say, I broke down. I have been researching so much on the net about ovarian cancer. The biopsy came back neg. <<Thank God, yet RBC's are breaking down) Than I came across ovarian cyst and lupus. My husband specifically asked the OB Dr. can the cyst and bleeding me associated to Lupus. he replied, "No."

He does want me to do a Hysterectomy and treat me with a low does of hormone therapy. We did ask him to check endometreosis as he is doing the surgery.

Has anyone with Lupus experienced this? Has anyone had excessive hair growth, (the change) yet their blood test comes back normal? Is there something that we're missing?

Any help or guidance will be helpful.

Thank you