As you know I have been trying to find out whats wrong with me. Im sick of it already.

But just the other day I read the report from the Neuro I went to... I wasn't meant to read this report, it was meant to stay on my file and be between the neuro and my other doctors.

What the neuro said directly to me, was he was considering a plaquenil issue. What he said to my GP, was he was tossing up between plaquenil and myasthenia. I assume he meant myasthenia gravis?
He also went on to say he doesnt know what is wrong with me and that my story just doesn't match up with what he was seeing!!! He was calling me a liar? About what? The only thing he couldn't see is my tremor but that doesnt happen when I am in a doctors office because it requires me to relax. He confirmed I had muscle weakness and virtually no sense of smell. He made no attempt to test my cognitive function and his test for my balance did not test according to my complaint that if I see an obstacle I can not stop myself from walking into it and that I randomly fall to the side on occasion while stationary. He was too weak and shaky himself to test my weakness, he is about 80years old. I need to get a new, younger Neuro but I am really cranky I spent a fortune on this guy and will have to spend a fortune on the next one. He wanted me to call his office to make an immediate appointment to have an EMG. I think I might go to my doctor at the end of the month and ask for a referral to a new neuro.

MG makes a fair bit of sense except for a couple of things... why is my digestion ridiculously slow so that I am existing on mush or having a stomach blockage and my BMs are once a week? why do I have a resting tremor? and why have I been having rather severe cognitive issues?

If it is either, it means giving up plaquenil. My Rheumy is very reluctant to do this. Dont know what to do. If I go off the plaquenil I wont do it until I move.

I dont know, any thoughts guys? I still havent been to the ENT to have my sinus drained, really its a matter of time and with the move coming up in a month or so I wanted to be able to continue on with the same ENT as this will certainly be an ongoing issue.

I'd like to be able to eat properly before I can smell properly though... because I think not being able to smell delicious food is making my mush diet easier. : )

Anyone with experience with MG I would love your advice. : )