Hello to all! I've been having good luck on my Cellcept -- more energy and I'm able to breathe more easily. I'm down to 13mg of Prednisone which is a complete miracle because prior to the Celllcept, I could barely breathe if I went below 20mg. It's nice to start getting some of the "moon face" to diminish.

A couple of odd things are the swellings in all my joints -- I've not had it too bad in my upper body before. Also, I have begun to hear things at night. I got off all sleep aids. But I still have plenty of nights that I hear some thing like a music box or these frightening noises or words. I told my doctor and I see a psych tomorrow. Nothing compels me to harm myself or others. I just get spooked!

One thing about it, I'm just not going to be running off to the ER whenever I have pain in my chest (which occurs much less since the Cellcept) or for anything short of near death. I think I've worked through this enough to just wait and let the next doctor tell me what to do or what I have. My pain doctor blithly mentioned that my body is full of bursitus. Between the bursitus, fibro, lupus and arthritus, I think my doctors can now believe me when I tell them how hard it is to deal with my body pain. But it simply helps to know what's causing it. If I can just get disablity, maybe the reduction in that stress will help in some way.

Take care all! I don't know about you guys but I'm so grateful for Fall. For once I'm not constantly drenched in sweat! Strange blessings - but I'll take what I can get!