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Thread: daughter and the court continues

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    Default daughter and the court continues

    My daughter avoided a trial by accepting the plea bargain which was a good deal for her. A sure thing of no fines and staying out of trouble for 3 months then in will be wiped off her record (she's stayed out of trouble 18 years, 3 months is nothing) as opposed to a trial which even though she is innocent, the jury may have decided otherwise.

    NOW she has to appear before a judge in order to get a NO CONTACT ORDER placed against the gal that has caused all the grief. We have no doubt the gal will try another stunt. She has a history of causing trouble for my daughter:

    spring 2010 gal called cops on daughter saying daughter was walking down the middle of the street crying, popping pills and saying she was going home and cutting her wrists. The fact was that the girls had gone out running together as daughter is an avid runner and encouraging the gal to join her. So the cops show up at my house, by then daughter was inside watching tv. One cop was wonderful and understanding, the other, to put it frankly, a jerk. It was an "anonymous" call, but we know who made it and the gal later fessed up to it.

    summer 2010 daughter is at her second day of work at Sonic drive in. Gal calls manager and says daughter messed up her order, spilled it, scratched her car and cheated her bill. The gal wasn't even at Sonic that day. Manager questioned gal, whose story kept changing and daughter was never in trouble at Sonic for it as it was apparent it didn't happen. The gal admitted to that too.

    spring 2011 gal accuses daughter of hitting her in face, hence the citation and lawyer intervention.

    So now daughter has to go to open court and explain to the judge why she believes the no contact order is necessary. Do we think it will stop the gal? Probably not but at least with the order we'll have legal backup and WILL press charges if necessary. The gal has stalked my daughter. She's copied her; her hair color and styles, her manner of dress, her likes and dislikes. Whatever daughter wore, the next day, the gal would wear the same thing. Changer her hair color, the gal would too. Imitation used to be the sincerest form of flattery, but in this case, its unnerving.

    The gal is mentally unstable. She's 18 and has been in and out of mental facilities since 3rd grade. She's on several different medications daily not to mention the illegal stuff she messes with. Daughter has tried to be a friend to her and help her as much as she possibly could but the assault charge was the last straw for all of us. We've welcomed her into our home and treated her like family. She's a messed up young gal that needs serious professional help and she needs to stay far away from this family.

    My poor daughter. She really did try to do the right thing. She tried so hard to be a good friend to that gal, even when no one else would. She kept giving her another chance. She welcomed her into her life and home and tried to help her as best she could.
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    The "gal" needs to be put on meds. Sorry that this person is screwing up your lives like this.

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    I'm so sorry your family is going through this. It's a terrible feeling to have to face threats by someone like that day in day out and it just won't stop. Maybe if she gets into enough trouble someone will force her to get the help she needs eventually. Unfortunately with situations like this, it's kind of like how everyone knows there needs to be a traffic light at a certain intersection but there is going to have to be a lot of trouble there before something is finally done about it. Maybe this happening will be the start of that. If she can't get near your daughter and family and lash out, she may very well lash out in another way at someone else in her line of fire. I knew a few unstable people I wish I didn't and living under the threats was awful, but nothing like you've all been through. My heart is heavy for you all and I'll be praying.

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    I am also so sorry that your daughter (and your family) have to go through this and that your daughter had to plead guilty to an offense. I am sure that she will have the matter expunged as she has, like you said, stayed out of trouble for 18 years.
    I agree that getting the restraining order against this girl is a good idea and I am glad to hear that you are pursuing it.
    It is so sad to have someone that you tried to help turn against you and cause so much grief and heartache. I hope that this does not sour your daughter on being kind to others..everyone is not like this troubled young lady.
    Good Luck

    Peace and Blessings
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