Just wondering how anyone deals with the outlook Lupus causes. Knowing that for the rest of our lives we have to work around Lupus, it won't work around us. That we are always going to be tired or something and that that effects how we can see and determine the rest of our lives. Like I have had to be off work lately, I think suffering depression but my Lupus just flaring up again and it just becomes to much knowing and thinking that for the rest of my lives there will be struggles. Like can I manage Uni which I am planning to do next year and can I handle that or eventually get into a Law career which I really want to do. It just seems too much now. I don't like how it can beat me, like I use to babysit all the time and now I so want to but don't know if I can and others in my family are so supportive but sometimes the consideration of my Lupus becomes annoying because I don't want it to determine what I do and can and can't do yet it's a bit hard to not consider it and the symptoms etc. What annoys me is I was all fine with it before as I have been diagnosed for a year and I just accepted it but for some reason now I just don't think I can, like it's hard. I don't know just if anyone has some words of wisdom because I know Lupus is hard for everyone but having it at such a young age, as teenagers, I think brings a whole lot of other concerns and worries. So any advice anyone? Please and thank you!!