Hello everyone, this is the first time I'm actually posting anything, usually just read to learn from other people. I've had lupus for 25 years so usually know that when things crop up they'll be a pain in the touche for a while then go away to make room for some other annoyance. For five years now I've had a wandering itch. It started in the groin area around the labias, it wasn't a yeast infection. It would itch and crack and eventually went away to show up on my inner arm and behind my head. I attributed all this to dermatitis since my mom always suffered from skin problems. Now I have this very itchy area at the inner thighs where the groin meets the body. If I could just stop the itch it wouldn't look so bad. Cortisone creams, even my mom's prescription cream has limited relief. At my last pap my doctor thought it was lichen sclerosus. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does anything work and will it go away on its own?