You have to love boys! Took my boys today to an indoor skate/bmx park. We love going during the school year since pretty much nobody is there during the day! They get to ride their bikes or skateboards for a few hours and I get a couple of hours w/out "MOM!". We were there for about an hour today and I get a call on my cell, "you need to come here, patch fell". Awwww, crap! He didn't just fall - he flipped over his handlebars and the bike landed on him! Tough guy that he is, he sat there for a few minutes and then went back out. Later on he tells me that his toes hurt and his side. Gets to the point that he can hardly walk - off to the ER we go. He broke 2 possibly 3 of his toes! His side is fine - main concern w/that is internal bleeding, but by the time we were seen it wasn't really hurting him anymore. When the doctor told him his toes were broken the look on his face was priceless - he was thrilled! He started singing about his broken toes. I was laughing so hard my side hurt! He's a little upset that he doesn't get a cast, but just glad that at 13 he FINALLY broke some bones! What is it w/the male species???? LOL