Not what I like to hear from my doctor!
In june I went for a routine visit with my ruhemy-he asked how I felt and I told him about the same as when I saw him last(in march). He ordered the normal-typical blood/urine work and I went on my way with the same med order I had been on.
A few days later he called me and asked how I was doing(nice but unexpected-this level of personal interest)
He asked me to come in because he wanted to change my meds-I went in expecting he might lower my dose but instead he added methotrexik(sorry i know thats spelled wrong but i'm sure you know what i mean)and directed me to return in 2 weeks. He told me that my blood work showed I was sicker than I was relaying to him.
After two weeks on mtx,my sed rates had risen higher so he increased my mtx dose to 6 tablets once per week /and ordered a repeat of the usual blood/urine tests and told me to come back in 2 months.

Which brings us to today. In anticipation of seeing my ruhemy today I had the normal blood/urine testing done last saturday. I had to cancel my appointment today because I couldn't get away from work.

He called me at home because I missed my appointment to ask me if I have been taking my meds regularly-which I have. He asked how I feel -I told him slight fever,sore muscles,aches ,pains,minimal rashes and joint pain which for me is not bad-what has become normal for me.
He told me he is confused-my blood/urine came back ok-except my anti ds DNA levels are very high.

His being confused and concerned,along with all the personal attention really concerns me.
When i canceled my appointment I rescheduled for 2 weeks- he told me to make sure I take my meds,call if any changes and see him in two weeks.

So I guess my question is what might a high anti ds DNA -along with otherwise normal blood/urine tests be indicative of.

Thanks Niall