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Thread: steve's lucky escape

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    God Steve so glad you are ok and thankyou for sharing this with us all.As you know Alan is having around 3 to 5 seizures daily (sometimes more) so I do all the driving which was hard as we argued A LOT as Alan felt I was taking away the little bit of independance he still had or I was doing it to be nasty which obviously wasn't the case and thankfully now he realises its for the best.Once again glad you are ok take care . Luv M.x.

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    Hi Steve,
    I'm just catching up and read this thread. I'm glad that you weren't badly hurt. That was a close one.
    I've always loved to drive, and had no fear of driving long distances by myself. Now, I only drive close to home, and I avoid the highway.
    I was just visiting my daughter in Denver, and I was a bit worried when she asked me to drive her to work and to pick up my grandson at school.
    Lucky for me, Littleton is set up on a grid pattern and the directions were very simple. I did just fine, but I was a little shaky at first.
    Be careful!

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    My Dad didn't have SLE, but had an incident with a chainsaw similar to yours. The chainsaw won and he ended up with a six inch jagged scar on the interior right thigh to remind him of their battle. Dad was working in the woods, alone, and could have bled out, had it not been for a random person driving by.

    Great reminder, Steve, for those of us with brain fog to be careful when using machinery.

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    Steve; I, too, am just catching up with this thread and I am sooooo glad that you were not hurt. And thank you for reminding us, again, that we must never let our guard down when it comes to our illness. Again..I am so glad that you were not hurt Steve!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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    I've been away for a bit and keeping up is hard! lol

    So glad it wasn't worse Steve!! To be honest... I put myself in dangerous situations daily... and I know they are dangerous... but I do it anyway. I can't seem to bring myself to stop... and I wonder constantly what it will take for me to stop. Im a bit scared of the day something like this happens to me and I learn my lesson. I have had many brain pauses while driving... one day it was so bad, I forgot to close my car door... I was literally driving with it open, not just not close properly... but I mean, the door was OPEN. I only noticed when I went around the corner and it slammed shut!!! That same day while driving I had a brain pause and when I 'came out of it' I thought the cars on the opposite side of the road were going to hit me, I didn't know where I was and I was shaking.
    In reality... it isnt safe for me to be driving. But what else can I do? I need to get to work.

    I would hate to think of what would have happened if you didnt come out of it as well as you did steve!!

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    please be careful,
    if driving is such a problem, i again remind you that there is the option of disability pension.
    it is not a lot, but it is an option.

    i remember your problems trying to get a doctor to sign papers, but it is worth trying.

    i went bankrupt, when i went on to the pension, i lost all of our toys, but i am alive and can survive.

    hurting yourself is not a good option to follow.
    it you are playing your aces all at once, all the time, trouble will eventually catch up with you.
    please be careful.

    this is the message i was trying to convey........
    do not risk it all the time, accept that you cannot do everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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