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    Default so very cranky

    I have NO patience. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Road rage? Oh yeah. I do NOT do anything but complain fortunately, but OMG you do NOT want to be in the car with me when I am driving. I have no patience for anyone. My dog, Kya superpuppy is an angel all day but in the evening she keeps wanting in and out. I no sooner let her out, she wants right back in. Infuriating. My computer does NOT move fast enough (warp speed wouldn't be fast enough for me right now). My daughter has been over yesterday and today. Love her dearly but OMG she GETS ON MY NERVES.

    Hormones plus traumatic event (husband's attack) equals FRIED NERVES. SHORT FUSE. NO PATIENCE. This too shall pass. I get that. I'm praying. I'm meditating. I'm taking herbal doctor approved "calming" (yeah, right) supplements. I'm working through this. I'm doing the best I can right now. It doesn't help that darling daughter - who think she's knows more than a psychologist who has been practicing over 30 years, tells me I have "no right" to feel like I do - yay me for showing restraint and ignoring her comment.

    I'm full of anger. The attack has really changed me personally. Yes, I started seeing a counselor. I like the guy. He specializes in crisis. We've got our work cut out for us. I purposely did NOT tell the temp agency I was available this week. Obviously I need some time to myself. Hubby and I went away last weekend for a mini vacation. He said it did him a world of good and I'm happy for him. Didn't do much for me. Like I told him, the voices in my head (no, I'm not schizo, I just mean the stuff that is bothering me) don't take vacations. I don't get a break from what is troubling me. At least the trip helped him.

    It's been tough lately. Thanks for letting me vent.
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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    it is not easy understanding the turmoil.

    when my sister died, it took months for me to start to really feel again.
    i was in a daze, with either no emotion or rage.

    counselling takes time.
    you have to work through this confusion to be able to heal.

    sorry there is no quick fix........... but there is a fix.
    ther eis light at the end of the tunnel......
    but it is a long tunnel.


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