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Thread: well im new:)

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    Smile well im new:)

    So my name is Katelyn and i am 18,
    I was feeling a little down in the dumps, and my mom showed me this web page and i thought it looked interesting.
    I turned 18 on may 20th 3 days later i got diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, I had the huge joints swollen feet..the whole 'shabang'. then the day before i walked for graduation my doctor called and confirmed that i also had Lupus and anticardiolipin (a blood thickness disease). It was exactly what an 18 year old who was going to graduate the next day wanted to hear...not. I have horrible days just like i have great ones, but nothing is quite how it used to be. Of course i asked God why me, what did I do? and i felt like my life was over. Hardly being able to get up, walk, and move around was awful. Finding a doctor was just about impossible without a month or two wait. but we prayed as well as friends and family and there was a cancellation. We are still waiting for a blood specialist to have a cancellation or wait till December so they can help thin my bloodand with the blood thickness disease so no clots will form and no strokes will happen. i take 7 different kinds of medicines all expensive of course my cabinet looks like a pharmacy! but they help a lot My friends treat me like I'm no different and i love that, they didn't understand what everything was at first but now they do and are very supportive. but of course i get the, how are you doing, how are you feeling. and i always answer I'm doing good or I'm fine thank you. A Lot of people just don't understand that yes the pain is bad but the emotion stress is the worst. Its September and all of my friends have left to go off to college and i wish so badly i could go...wish that i could have the experience of college the dorm roommates and everything. but i have come to realize that this is where God wants me, and where i need to be until i get everything under control. i just have to keep reminding myself that, I am going to start online classes in the beginning of the new year. and hopefully i will be able to find a community college that will help me find just what i need. because i never know when i will have a flare up and cant get out of bed to go to class, or have one of many doctor appointments. Sorry that i have rambled on, but i am glad I'm not the only one who feels all mixed up:)

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    Hi Katelyn,
    Welcome to WHL. You have just found a cyber family that understands just what you are going through - we're all going through it, too!
    I'm sure that you will soon hear from Ritzbit. She's your age, and just started college this fall. We all feel like her cyber-aunts and uncles, and we're cheering her on.
    She will probably give you lots of helpful tips. Once you get your meds figured out and get your symptoms under control, you will be able to go to school and live those dreams. You may have to take things a bit slower than others, but you can still experience it.
    Keep in touch with us, and I'm sure that you will find lots of support here.

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    hi katelyn,
    i am also sligtly older, at 49.
    i have had to etire on a pension, due to my illness.

    recently there has been quite a few new members, about your age.
    there are people here from all over the world, please get to know a few.

    welcome to the site.

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    I've come by finally =) Welcome to WHL. Like Marla said I am your age; 18 and just started my college classes a few weeks ago. I too had to stay home instead of going away like all my friends (partly guilt from my parents). I got really sick at the end of last school year too so I know what you mean. I has vasculitis in my feet and it was so painful to walk that I missed about a month of school. I feel like a walking pharmacy too sometimes lol Im sorry all this happened right before graduation Im sure that was hard, but at least you know now and not years from now. I hope that you can get in to see your doctor soon! Feel free to send me a message on here or you can add me on facebook (I will give you a link if you want). I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have for the past two years =) They really are my cyber aunts and uncles.
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