Hello Everyone,

I don't know how much, if anything, you have heard about the Texas Fires but I want you to please keep this state in your thoughts. Texas is in Severe drought. We have had really no substantial rainfall for over a year. We have also been more hot this summer then any recorded. In the Houston area there was not a single day in August that we were below 100 degrees. Dry and Hot days caused all the local ponds to dry up, many of our lakes have stopped boating on them because the lake is too low (You can actually stand up in the middle of one of the most popular lakes in our area). The rivers are so low that there are some places that you can walk halfway out into the river bed without getting your feet wet. I have never seen anything like this.

I tell you this because today my state is on fire. I know that is a little over overstated but over a million acres have been burned as of yesterday and today there have been more. I have one fire about 15 min away from me in one direction and 15 in another direction. One of the fires is spreading down the path I used to drive to work. I have friends and former co-workers that are being evacuated and the smell of fire hits when I walk out of my house.

I know this isn't about Lupus but please keep us in your thoughts because none of this is going to end until we get a substantial amount of rain. I need to go now but please pray if you pray, send up good thoughts if you do that. Anything to help this situation