Wow. I feel for you. I have been having very simular issues as yours since last October. I was diagnosed with Raynauds and Fibro too. They aren't saying it isn't Lupus and one of the Rheumis said undifferintiated Connective Tissue Disorder or CREST. I have two rheumis I am working with right now. Dr. Kamat dxed me with Fibro and said she studied under the doctor that developed fibro. She believes it is linked to my neck injury from and accident I had last October. My symptoms are as follows.
pain and stiffness in hands, arms, legs and feet.
low grade fevers 99.5 to 100
blurred vision
Cold extremeties(prob from Raynauds)
Severe Fog in head. Sometimes head feels numb. I feel like I am not there. Can't concentrate or focus at all. Can't find words I need. The other night I sat to watch my daughters volleyball game that we recorded and I was taking stats. Well I watched the first game and then the second, but totally forgot I watch the first game. I turned it on and wrote down the stats all over again. I also went a whole day last week without any make up. All day at work and sat through a game. I still had mascara smeared on my face from washing it that morning. THAT IS THE WORST PART OF MY SYMPTOMS
headaches bad
Sometimes the pain in my legs is unbearable
Horrible painful periods
At least that is all I can think of right now. I feel for you. This is all so fustrating. Especially when people ask me if I ever found out what is wrong. I have learned to not tell them the Fibro dx because they all laugh and say thats just a catch all. Then you feel like it is all in your head. What a horrible night mare. I am so sorry you are going through this. Just know you aren't alone. Hugs your way!