Hi guys,

I know I wrote long ago about when I was diagnosed with RA/Lupus and possible connective tissue disease. I had seen 2 specialists, the first one was great but he ended up leaving, the second one just didn't listen to me, and I recently saw a third after over a year of waiting.

She did an entire physical like I knew she would, and what was weird was this time, unlike the first time, she didn't find any swelling on me anywhere that was noticeable enough to see and feel. All she found was extreme exhaustion, and VERY sore and tender muscles and deep tissue all over and the fact that I can barely stretch, yet I have no strength issues.

She is pretty sure that I do NOT have RA, which is GOOD, I am just confused. Lupus is still in the back of her mind but she feels that I have Fibromyalgia. RF has gone down from 24 to 15, but that's all I know of for now as it's the long weekend and the haven't finished putting up all my blood work results on the website. I told her I have joint pain, muscle pain from had to toe, chronic extreme fatigue, always running a temperature of 99-99.5, can't grip very well with my hands, hurt so bad some days I can barely walk, that things crack, that I have brain fog, she again said Fibromyalgia.

I will be going back in about 2 months for another appointment, as she said she doesn't want to make a final diagnosis until she gets all my blood work back in and sends me for a bone scan to look closely at my bones and joints.
I guess its better than having RA for sure but its still crappy overall. She won't put me on any new medication for pain until she knows what she's dealing with, so I am left on 1800mgs of Ibuprofen once a day like I've been on for a while, but plaquenil and all those types haven't worked for me.
I don't want to lose my disability status because of this change, as I am supposed to let them know of any changes so it's scaring me. I CAN'T work full time, or for someone else, I don't have the strength, I feel like shit day in and day out, ugh...I'm pretty sure Fibro IS a disability anyway.

I want to work in the future, for myself, running my own business from home, something that I can handle, but for now I'm in NO shape to do anything.

This sucks, but it's good....I think.