Dear All:

I am in desparate need of some answers in dealing with the pain some of the other symptoms associated with SLE. I have absolutely had it! I'm sure you all can relate.

I was dx with SLE about 2 years ago and have had 3 Rheumatologists. The Rheumy I have now is so wonderful and understanding, and I feel fortunate to have found her. I live in Northern Virginia so I have a wealth of information within the area and am well-informed. I am also a breast cancer survivor of 7-1/2 years and have a wonderful online support group for that, but the lupus is a totally different ballgame!

I am searching for a way to go into remission and have been having adverse side effects from the Plaquenil. I was smoking marijuana for dealing with the pain but stopped because my husband was threatening to take the children away from me. This was about 2 months ago. Long story. Big time marital probs which have attributed to my 6 flare-ups within the past 1-1/2 years. I am so sick. I am down to 113 lbs., have no appetite, severe joint and muscle pain, throwing up, get confused easily -- needless to say, my lupus is still active. I am just so tired of it.

I am also scheduled to have a hysterectomy next Tuesday, but this has no affiliation with the lupus whatsoever just another medical inconvenience.

Has anyone ever used the Marijuana Pill? I am going to do everything I can in my power to get Marijuana legallized for medicinal purposes. It is so ridiculous!! Sorry to be so straight forward, but I'm looking for some answers. I can't function on the prescribed pain meds while looking after my children.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Hugs.

Love -- Susie