Thanks Linda : )

Yep I take my plaquenil very last thing before bed. If I dont, I feel rather off from it. I would hate it if for some reason the doctor didnt want me to take it at night anymore, it would make living very hard.

I dont know whats causing the stomach thing... but for example (WARNING REALLY GROSS PART COMING UP) I had eaten fish, rice, salad and sweet n sour sauce at 6:30pm, by the time I went to bed I was really bloated and in pain... burping and spent the whole night feeling like I would vomit. The next morning I got up at about 8am and was so weak I had to shower sitting in a chair... got out to try dry myself and vomited all of the previous nights dinner, the whole thing. So that food had been sitting in my stomach for over 12 hours. That also makes vomiting even less pleasant than usual. Later that day I tried to eat toast and just vomited it back up that night. I haven't eaten anything solid since. I have been steaming the heck out of vegetables until they are virtually mush... I dont vomit it up, but it sits in my stomach for HOURS.
The doc I saw last time said it was a food reaction... but I dont think it is, because it seems to happen randomly.