This has caused me great depression, first of all because I have to have my meds and second of all he doesn't understand lupus, he actually told my Mom she isn't the same since she's had lupus, really, heck no I'm not the same, I didn't ask for this incurable disease and all it's associated characters that come with it, yes everyday of my life since being dx has been a struggle and for some reason he must think there is a magic pill or something I can do and it will all be better. I told my rheumie about this and he said he was willing to sit down with him and explain lupus, however, I don't think it would do any good, go in one ear and out the other...He actually made me sign a paper for my pharmacy so he could get a list of all the meds I'm taking, I have nothing to hide, then he mentioned something about getting a power of attorney???wth??? He then asked me again the other day I bet you can't even name off all the meds your on and what their for.... I'm getting so tired of this, I don't know if he's mad because of the cost or what to think?