Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to see if any of you have had a percentage of atypical lymphocytes in their blood work for their CBC. I have never had them before and normal should be 0-4% and mine are at 6%. I do not have any of the diseases that could be associated with it. I saw my nephrologist today and I have to follow up with the hematologist. Unfortunately as so many of us are on immunosupressants, there is a higher risk for cancer. I currently take prograf and cellcept have been on the prograf a little over a year with the cellcept being over a number of years. I have also had cytoxan (many many doses since I was 11 and rituxan). So I am just a buddle of odds for cancer's like lymphoma!

I really think it's just he lupus since I am in a semi-flare right now and I have swollen lymph nodes just on the left side of my neck and back of my head. I have had one removed a few years ago that turned out to be nothing, just a side effect of the lupus.

Well anyone who has ever had this I would greatly appreciate a response. And I guess we'll see what the hematologist says!

Thanks All!