My lupus issues started happening shortly after having an IUD (Intrauterine birth control device) put in for the first time. After a few weeks I started having joint aches, headaches, fatigue and fuzzy thinking as well as cramps almost every day. I complained to the Dr who told me the cramps would go away, to just "hang in there". A few months later I had an episode of numbness in my face and extremities and dizzyness after several days of really bad joint pain and headaches that led to an emergency room visit leading to my being eventually diagnosed with lupus. I insisted that the IUD be removed even though the Dr said it couldn't have caused those symptoms. The lupus has not gone away in the 6 years since then; there are times I feel ok and times I feel worse. I'm not 100% certain there is a connection but the timing seems too much to be a coincidence. Was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a connection between IUDs and lupus?