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Rob you always keep s laughing i live in Lebanon pa and we have had alot of rain and big gusts of wind. The thing i worry about is our huge treet in the backyard so far many branches are off and it snapped my umbrella off in two from the picnic table and broke my very large clay flower pot but that is okay hope everyone is safe from danger. Love and prayers to all Bonita
I've been seeing on the news that falling trees and falling branches are the main cause of injuries so far for this storm. Just stay inside, and ride it out Bonita.

I just poked my head outside and the rain drops are so big, and being blown with such force, that they sting when they hit you. Thought it was hail, but no, it's just raindrops the size of marbles. The wind is about 30 mph steady, so the show has definitely begun...

Stay safe everyone,