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Thread: Didn't get anywhere with the doctor today

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    Default Didn't get anywhere with the doctor today

    I went to my pcp today to go over my blood results. When I asked him about my abnormal CH50 result he said it was no big deal! I am so tired of doctors acting like I am making all of my symptoms up!!!! I just want some answers so I can deal with it and move forward!!!!!!!

    I have an appt with the Rhuemy on the 31st.....I hope he doesn't respond the same way....I just may snap!!!!

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    It's hard enough being sick, we shouldn't have to do battle with the doctors, too.... but we do. When you go in to the rheumy make sure you have a list of your symptoms, how long they have been going on and what (if anything) makes them better or worse. You can decide whether you actually hand the doctor the list (if things are going well) or just use it to wipe up the blood (if things are going badly - just kidding).

    I have found that doctors respond better if you let them know what your goals are and how your symptoms are interfering with what you want to do in life. Also, if you tell them what you were able to do before you got sick vs what you can handle now. For example - "I used to go for a walk after dinner every night, now I fall asleep on the couch while my family eats."

    Doctors really do "practice" medicine and you can see 10 doctors and get 15 different opinions. If they aren't listening to you, then keep researching, getting other opinions and don't give up! You aren't crazy and you deserve good care.

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