I know its been months since you posted you question, but I thought I would share. When I was first diagnosed my dr, like yours, seemed nice enough, and, like you, my disease wasn't organ involved. Well, my dr put me on Plaquinel, and prednisone, like everyone else. Come to find out, I'm allergic to Plaquinel, and ended up in the hospital. Ew. I got put on methotrexate after that, for about 4 months. I felt worse and worse every week, and my symptoms, although weren't gettin any worse, weren't gettin any better. I decided that the meds weren' working, and I wanted to get off them. So, i did. I have prednisone, in case i need it, but thats it. A month after i quit the methotrexate I felt alot better, and two months later, I got pregnant, which put me into complete remission. It's been two years.