My name is Samantha and I have had many symptoms of lupus for 12 years off and on. Although the fatigue has stayed the whole time and that sun sensitivity with butterfly rash. Atleast it looks like butterfly rash. I have been told by rheumatologist,, and a pcp that works with the rheumy that my Ana was negative and I don't have lupus. I am pretty sure I do, I got a rash about 12 years ago after birth of my first child. No one knew what it was but the only thing that helped was prednisone. When I would finish the prednisone the rash would reappear so different drs kept me on this Med for about 2 years and then I became pregnant again and had t9 deal with the rash which was not as bad because I stayed out of sun because I had nausea and knew it made me more sick and caused the rash to worsen. I did get a Dr who said I had lupus but I thought that he meant I had a weak immune system because I had been told that by my Sobel Dr because of the prednisone. I had 4 more kids following all that so I never sought out treatment for rash and other symptoms that were getting worse I thought it was pregnancy related. I ha# all 6 children premature and had been on bed rest with all pregnancies .. ffw to now 3 yrs later I am almost bedridden yet the rheumatologist says I'm depressed and nothing is wrong! Because my Ana was negative! The rash wasn't there when I did the test so I knew it would be! Now I have protein and blood in my urine, severe edema, dark toxic smelling urine, weak legs and muscles, I can't stand or walk very long or my feet and legs ankles, face and hands swell up and turn red! I have fallen down 4 times in the past 3 weeks and almost broke my knee because my legs just give out for no reason! And my brain seems to not be working! After _y last fall a few days ago I didn't know what happened and I could hear my husband asking if I was ok and what happened but I couldn't answer it was like I was dreaming and couldn't wake up! Scary! My heart rate is up and down, shortness of breath, really sleepy and can't stay awake very long if I lay down! I have sores in my nose, my mouth is so dry I can't quench my thirst, everytime I eat or drink I get severe stomach cramps and leg cramps! My eyes are swollen, and can't think normal and my words are hard to get out and I say them backwards! Has anyone had all this with lupus nephritis without being diagnosed with lupus? My pcp said the past 3 urinalysis showed blood and protein in my urine but no infection! My kidneys feel heavy and I have a salty taste in my mouth! My lupus symptoms are all flaring and I am trying to attach pictures of my butterfly rash to get anyone who will give their opinions, please respond to this I need to know if I am in kidney failure. Thanks.