Well I have been fighting to get my disability now since 2009, I finally got so mad and got off my butt and got a disability lawyer. I saw him this past Monday. But now I think I feel better about it with the lawyer. What gets me is the fact that when I applied they sent me to a dr and he said he I had a 98% chance of getting my disability and that he had never had anyone turned down. Well I guess I was his first, and was turned down 2 more times.The system really gets me I was self employed for many years and paid my taxes and everything, for over 20 years and now I can't even get disability. I understand that some people abuse the system, I have seen that first hand. But there should be a way making it easier for people.

What really gets me is that fact that I lost my health insurance when my husband lost his government job and due to having to pay for medical expenses, we are currently losing our house, Then the dr says stay away from stress cause it is causing a lot of problems. How can you do that when you are broke because you spend all your money on meds and dr. and can't get disability. My husband says that if we had the disability or even medicaid it would help and plus it would also help keep me healthier. I can't understand that the government wants to keep fighting a war in another country but does not want to take care of the people in this country. OK now I am just rambling about it cause it makes me mad.

If anyone has any suggestions about getting help, please let me know I am currently getting assistance from the united way to help cover some of my medication expenes.