Well since I was recently got my dignoses and have been in a huge flare, It has all been very emotionaly for me, even though I knew all this was coming since I have been fighting it for years.

I decieded I was going to get a handicap permit for my car, going out and doing things right now is very difficult for me but I still don't like the idea of handicap parking but hubby said he thought that it would help. So I took the papers to the dr and had them fill it out.The whole time I am waiting on the dr I kept thinking to my self, I wish this dr would just walk out here and hand me the papers back and tell me I was just crazy and not disabled. It seemed so strange. When the nurse called my name and handed me the paper to take to the dmv I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, I should have been happier but then again It was like a disappointment, was this what life was going to be like, Now are people going to look at me strange, friends and family treat you differently. My youngest Son and my Brother both have disabilities, my youngest son passed away (in 98 age 6) so many people made fun of him and treated him differently as well as my brother who is older than me but I refer to him as my little brother was and has always been treated differently.

After I went to the dmv to get the place card went over to a friends house and we were talking and I was telling her about going to the dmv and she had the gall to say Glad to know I am not disabled,( this lady had a stroke in July and can not use her right arm and also has a autoimmune disorder as well, had the gall to tell me she was not disable. I don't think she realized that she hurt my feelings about it. I didn't say anything which is not like me, but she had her daughter with her and the daughter is disable (shaken baby syndrome survivor ) so no need to start fighting. Maybe she just wasn't using her head. Hubby said she was just stupid and she not let it brother me.

I know I have a disablity and just because I do, does not mean that I needed to be treated any differently or like a baby. I am disable not 5 years old and I am certainly not dead as some people seem to think.

I mean my husband was talking to one of his friends the other day down at his friends business and this lady that we all knew came in and got in thier conversation and the first thing my husband said came out of her mouth was sorry to hear about your wife, If you want here's my phone number call and we can go out for drinks or dinner. (WTH) I may be half dead, crippled and crazy but I am not in the ground yet and don't tend to be any time soon. My husband said he told her he didn't want the number didn't think it was a good idea trying to be nice and let her down easy about it. The lady then had the gall to say well your wife's got a death sentance on her figured I could keep you company and make you happy. My husband said he almost lost it and if he had not been in his friends store he would have told that lady to go fly a kite or something. Needless to say the next time I see her I think I will give her a piece of my mind. ( or whack her with my cane. )

anyone esle ever have theses problems

Lea Ann