...and I think I'm going to ask my doctor to refer me to a different dermatologist. This guy was VERY knowledgeable but he DIDN'T listen and that's the reason I left my primary care doctor that I've gone to for 21 years! The dermatologist would ask a question and if my answer was longer than 3 words, he wasn't listening, he was already talking himself. It was very frustrating. He couldn't see any of my rashes, just told me I have a "ruddy" complexion. I tried to explain that I have always been very pale, that the color itself is not normal. But of course, to do that was longer than my allotted talk time, so he wasn't hearing me. Then he couldn't see the scar on the my chest that the discoid rash has left. My husband and best friend can see it without me pointing it out to them. He asked about joint pain, but didn't listen long enough for me to fill him in on the elbow pains I have. Ugh!

It was a very frustrating and disappointing visit. He said he's not convinced I have Lupus and to come back in 2 months, even though he couldn't see any rash at all on me. He did send me to the lab for blood work. I'm supposed to call next Friday to get the results. I think I will do that and then cancel the 2 month appointment.