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    Quote Originally Posted by ritzbit View Post
    I was wondering Sjogrens too. I havent been officially diagnosed with it but Im pretty sure me and my rheum both know I have it. If so its been acting up lately. I keep waking up with crust and gunk all dried up around my eyes and my mouth. Its annoying if nothing else. So if this finger thing was related I wouldnt be very surprised. I have tried a few things lately but nothing seems to be helping much. What worries me is that my grandpa said I dont wanna worry you or anything but it sounds like pancreatitis. But my grandma had that so I guess he sees pancrease problems just like I see lupus problems, you know what I mean? I was just hoping she would look into it more.

    SIDE NOTE: Did you guys know that you can get a medical alert sticker put on your license? I just found that out last week and need to get my license sooo thats on my to-do list.
    That sounds like sjogren's...but lupus is such a sneaky wolf! There are many things it could be. And it could have something to do with how some meds have a drying effect. I've got a great rheumy, thanks to Mountaindreamer, and she's been treating Lupus patients for many many years. Her opinion is that 80% of us or more have Sjogren's too.

    Do your eyes ever feel sore, gritty, or sting... or do you ever feel pain under your chin or in your cheeks, where the salivary glands are? A dentist can help check for Sjogren's with the way it affects the salivary glands. And a good eye doc could help diagnose for Sjogren's. And by good, I mean good. I saw different eye docs over the years and they either wouldn't even bother checking or were using the wrong tests for diagnosis, or I should say tests that weren't very reliable according to my eye doctor. By the time I found the one I'm seeing now, my eyes are so damaged and it's taking a long time to heal.

    As for your skin, especially your hands, I can't sing enough praises about Nivea products. I've tried many but I love nivea the most! But there are times that it gets so bad that I'll bust open some vitamin e and put it on like lotion, and wear gloves ...and the next day, what a difference. Really speeds the healing! That wrinkling can get so bad it's more than uncomfortable. The skin could split. Do you take folic acid? That helps with the skin, nails, and hair. I started taking it in June and starting to see the difference.

    I had no idea you can get a sticker on a license! Thanks for that info.

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