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How has the lupus affected your running? I am assuming you are a runner based on your name I was into running for about ten years and then it tapered off over the past ten years but I keep hoping I can get back into it. Maybe once the Plaquenil kicks in and my joints are better, I might be able to start back up again. I started Pilates two months ago and really think that has helped my joints.
I love to run and so far I have been able to keep going. I've never been fast but I enjoy the exercise. About a year ago it became really difficult to keep up. I get winded quickly and have had to slow right down. I used to run long distances but now just try to do a few kilometers every couple of days. It wasn't until May, when I learned about lupus that I figured it is probably why I'm having trouble.
Luckily I don't suffer from the joint pain that so many here do. My knees bug me sometimes, but I always assumed that was from the running. My fingers and wrists bother me. So for now I will keep running and pray I can keep it up.

How do you like the pilates? I have always wanted to try it, but I'm not very flexible.

Well you certainly have a good attitude. Do take care.