I needed a place to vent. I am sick again. I went one week with no fever and no pain and now my temp is 103.3 and every joint I have hurts. I cant' function like this!! I cannot take care of my child or anything! I came out of a flare and went into another one. Someone please tell me when does this end? I have read people not having flares for years.. well what is going on with me? I can't TAKE this!! Today I could only get out of bed for 30 minutes... just long enough to go to the couch where I spent most of the day sleeping. My hands are swollen, my knees hurt so badly and that is something that just started two days ago. I get to see my rhumetologist the second week of January, but what do I do till then? ANd then after reading so much I wonder what the meds will make me feel like. I have already left my job... cant' even think of getting something else... I Can't depend on feeling good for longer than 1 week..... can someone please please please tell me what to expect here. How can we have a life when its spent in pain and feeling so tired and sick? I am sorry to do this.. to vent.. I just need someone to tell me this won't be my life from here on out.. I couldnt' take it if it was..