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Hey! I live about 4 hours from you in IN. Think this heat wave will ever end? I want some raiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

I'm still trying to think of the best place to live weather wise. Somewhere that doesn't get freezing cold, or so gosh darn hot in the summer. OOOO.. I want someplace that's autumn, all year round. *dreamy sigh*... yeah, right. :P

The heat wave will end a day or two before it starts snowing...it seems we don't get much spring or fall anymore!
I live 40 miles s-w of chicago (just south of rt 80 ) and it has been raining on and off all day. You must be downstate?
I hear oregon is nice-4 seasons without the extremes. My sister is moving there from duluth mn. so her idea of winter might be skeewed but she researched for about a year and picked oregon for her and her husband to relocate to as the economy has hit duluth hard.