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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
    Geo, belated welcome! There are some good threads about sun exposure throughout the site, but I'll go ahead and throw out some things I have found that help me be less of a vampire:
    - Get UV coating applied to your car windows. It seems like newer cars have more UV protection than older cars. It costs several hundred dollars to have a pro do it, but you might be able to write it off as a medical expense with a note from your doctor. Be careful they don't make the windows darker than the law allows.
    - Use Sunguard, by Rit. It's a powder that you can order online. It goes in your wash cycle and makes your clothes SPF 30 for about 20 washes. One load runs about $3.50, so I pull out my clothes every once in a while and run them separate from the rest of the family.
    - Sun protective clothes can be a good investment for the times you really want to be outside. There are multiple companies now that sell online, and some sports, outdoors and golf pro shops carry them also. For driving, I highly recommend getting a pair of sun gloves - my hands itch and burn like crazy if I don't cover them on long drives.
    - Solumbra makes an awesome umbrella. You can feel the difference in how much heat passes through a regular umbrella vs a Solumbra one. Mine is 10 years old and I love it for when I don't want to wear a dorky hat LOL
    - I find that if I take a nap as soon as I get indoors, I have less effect from sun exposure. Maybe that's just me, but it really helps.
    Thanks so much, Gizmo! I had heard about the powder, but have not checked it out yet. I will look into that. I just bought 2 coverups from Coolibar that I think will help a lot.

    I appreciate all the advice!!!

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