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    Wink disability app

    Hi guys (in a non-generic way)
    I handed in my disability forms into Centrelink today. They've made an appointment for next week (or a fortnight, shyt, I've forgotten already! lol) I need to get all my records because my GP is unwilling to fill out the forms without prior proof of my RA dx, (why she can't fill it out based on my health over the last 2yrs alone I DO NOt KNOW grrr) unfortunately, I've never been one for seeing doctors much over the years unless I was incapacitated completely. I haven't had the need for cortisone injections for years (after retraining and changing industries), and other issues like tiredness, headaches, nausea were put down to depression or anxiety or an unhealthy diet or raising a special needs child. I remember one doctor telling me, when I complained that I was always tired and just couldn't get out of bed, to set my alarm at 8am and just get up. Another told me oh, you have sciatica, scribbled it on a piece of paper and told me to google it. Neither made a note of it in my records. Anyway, my problem is all my RA specific records have been destroyed, my old gp, my rhuemy, even my bone scans no longer exist. And I'm on a time frame, I can feel my self getting better, its been the worse 6months of my life health wise but I I've been able to stay awake more during the day for the last few days, and I actually held a social conversation without totally embarrassing myself by trailing off midsentence cause I'd forgotten what I was saying. I don't want to be strutting in feeling fine while I apply for a disability payment, its bad enough being 36 (lookin 29 ; P) with a cane. But I also want to jump about and and dance in the sunlight if I can, not exaggerate or slow down for fear that someone will judge me well and take away the money I desperately need; i just feed my kids muesli for dinner !! While I was in the waiting room today, a mother and her daughter were staring at me then preceded to discuss loudly how perfectly healthy people are abusing the system and applying for disability, how rippoffs grab a cane and hobble a bit so they can sit on their arse all day instead of putting in a decent hard days work. I was the only one there with a cane while they had their 'discussion', and I couldn't say anything because I could feel the tears welling up and I already felt embarrassed and awful about reaching the point of applying and people already stare enough. ... And I think this post is all over the place, lol sorry, i dunno, just need.... advice maybe, a hug definitely... surprise me
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