Hi Tammy, lupus is a very hard disease to diagnose some people go years before they are ever diagnosed. also lupus affects everyone differently, but most do have fatigue and joint pain, I am pretty sure I was born with it and I still have not got a diagnosis yet, I got a rash a couple years ago that would not go away, a biopsy was done and I was told it was tumid lupus and that it would only affect my skin, I did not even know what lupus was, but as I started to research yhe symptoms that was me, I never thought that all these things I had been feeling all my life were connected to one thing, I have had 4 ana tests and all have come back neg, but I found out that lupus plays havoc with your blood and will cause false negatives. there are over 60 auto immune disease's and they all cause similar symptoms. also ever since my rash showed up my symptoms have gotten much worse, more frequent and lasting longer. good luck and I hope all is well! -Gary