Hello Everyone!

I'm new and still learning my way around. I am a 31 y/o from Northern California and a final year PhD student studying Clinical Health Psychology. I'm a former board member of the LFNC- Lupus Foundation of Nor Cal. and working to promote lupus research. I've had SLE for over 15 years and wrote my Masters Thesis on the correlation between lupus and depression. Now I'm working on validating a tool to measure lupus, b/c if this can be done easily, research in this field will increase significantly. Not sure if I can post the link here.... Hmmm....

Additionally, the LFNC is promoting my study in their newsletter and the Lupus Foundation of America has included on their website. What other sites do you like to visit for info and support? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best of health, today and always.