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Hi Rosi;
Welcome to our family . I am glad that you found the post and felt that it had some relevance to you. WHL was, as Rob mentioned to you, only about 1yr old at the time of that post and I was still learning how to moderate (lol). Now, it bothers me that the first response to that 2002 post was in 2003 and it wasn't even from me (uggh).
I hope that I am doing much better in responding to posts and Rob is always on top of things.
Again..welcome to our WHL family where you will always find that there is someone here to chat with, answer your questions, or to just offer you support.

Peace and Blessings
The fact that you have made as of today, 6,179 posts, tells me that you go above and beyond the call of duty here in regards to posting and welcoming! You have helped literally thousands of people here Saysusie, reach back, and give yourself a WELL DESERVED pat on the back.


PS-Besides, you are the Emperor of the Universe, and you can take a day off anytime you want. If anyone doesn't like it, just toss them out of the frakking airlock!