For a few months I was very sick. My temp had gone to 104.3 which put me in the ER for spinal taps, x-rays, countless blood tests and all of which showed nothing. They sent me home where I finally got my fever to break, but not go away. Then my hands starting to swell and they hurt so badly. My joints in my fingers were so stiff. I was so overwhelming tired and couldn't accomplish the smallest task. My work was suffering, my children were starting to feel it.. so I went back to my doctor in tears telling him simply... I am sick and something needs to be done. So back up to the hospital for more blood work. They were looking for Mono plus Epstien Barr. I go home only to have my knee joints in pain, my feet, and my elbows. The next thing I knew is that when I touched something cold or hot my hands turned white and went numb. So I go back to my doctor who sent me for blood work for Lupus. They called me back 4 days later to tell me I had Lupus and are sending me to a Rhuematologist in January. Since that phone call, 2 weeks before Christmas I have been in so much fear. I am in pain everyday. My hair is thinning. My period has stopped. My hair hurts too. My joints are all swollen and it hurts somedays to get out of bed. I run a fever a lot and am so tired it makes living hard soemdays. I have very dry eyes and small ulcers in my mouth. 3 1/2 months ago I was healthy. I didn't hurt. My arm hurt a bit and I thought I might have some tendonitis issues from work. Now what? I had to leave work since I was in a position where it was all or nothing and I had to cut down to two hours a day and even then I couldnt' amke that all the time.

I did a ton of reading online and finally came across this group. I have now spent so many hours reading about everyone and am so thankful to have found people who are like me. I thought at first I would die within a few years and somedays when I think of how fast this all eating me.. I wonder how progressive Lupus can be. I have done so much crying and wondering where and why, but now I am looking for some support from others who understand how this effects ones life.

Thank you to whoever developed this site. I for one am very much in appreciation.

About me. I am now 38. I have three children. 20, 16, and 6. I left my job three weeks ago and am looking for something I can do part time with some flexibility. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and learning from you.

Thank you