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Thread: Plasma donation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
    I was told I can't donate, but I'm on a patootie load of meds. It seems to me I checked back when I was just on plaquinil and prednisone and was told "no, but thanks." I was at the DMV today and wondered if we can be organ and tissue donors. My uncle donated his body to a med school when he died, maybe that's the way to go - so future doc's can see first hand what lupus does to the body.
    On my card I have Yes before I was DX with Lupus, my doctor told me when I have to renew it mark No. I might just do want your doing. If that ok with my husband.
    Diagnosed with SLE Lupus May 2nd 2011. I am taken Plaquenil, Pain Killers, muscle relaxers.

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    Default Plasma donation opportunities for those of us with lupus

    Quote Originally Posted by lizbond36 View Post
    I call the red cross a few week ago, they needed blood bad. They asked me question's I said Yes I have SLE and the lady told me, I am sorry you can't donate. They needed my blood type A Postive. I felt like my disease was laughing at me. But I see if they need help handing out cookies ETC. I like to give back I found other means


    Hi, I was newly diagnosed and I found out that there are a few companies that look for donors who have lupus to donate plasma. They also are looking for other autoimmune disease donors too. At first, I thought it was a scam, because they were posting ads that said things like "make $500 for a plasma donation if you have SLE" and I thought that it probably was some bogus thing.

    But I was really pleasantly surprised to find out that it's legit and I was happy to know that I was helping in some small way so that scientists can make better treatments and make it easier to diagnose. it took my doctor a long time to diagnose my lupus, and he thought I had lyme for months and months, so for me, it was good to know that I was donating to help other people with lupus get diagnosed faster.

    I donated for SeraCare Life Sciences who I found by searching around on blogs and read some interesting posts about lupus. They paid me $500 for each donation, though, I was only able to donate twice. The person I worked with was excellent - Emily Sherman, the program manager, who is so sweet and friendly and made me feel assured that everything would be safe and stay private. She was so patient and answered all my questions, as I had many of them since I was kinda hesistant about the first one and wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Emily makes you feel like you're the only donor and I know she has tons of them, so I really appreciated that it felt like I was getting special attention. if you want to help lupus research, I recommend checking out this company.

    Edit: I read on one of the rules pages that if I'm new, I can't post a link and I had posted one yesterday to this place's website, so I'm sorry about that! maybe if anyone is interested they can google search them. thx!
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